I suck at Halo 2

November 20, 2005

It’s official, I suck at Halo 2.

The last two weeks a couple of friends have gotten together to play some Halo 2 on System Link, and I have been the worst player every week.

I’m not quite sure how I can suck so bad, especially since I’m usually pretty good at picking up first person shooters. I have played the game enough to be familiar with it, so I should be better than I am.

Also, they normally say when you play with someone better than you that it makes you better. This doesn’t seem to be the case with Halo 2, and I don’t know why.


5 Responses to “I suck at Halo 2”

  1. Colin Devroe Says:

    I really think you need to spend some time, by yourself, with the game. I think everyone that you’ve played against has had that opportunity, and you have not.

    I’m not talking about playing Campaign either. I can almost beat all the levels on Legendary for Halo 2, so playing Campaign is obviously lame.

    You need to play living breathing human beings, perhaps via Xbox live. Or just walk around the levels for a few minutes each to get yourself familiar with them.

    Being environmentally aware in Halo is absolutely essential to success.

  2. Mike S. Says:

    No worries Chris, I’m the same way when it comes to first person shooters as well. I used to play Unreal and some games like that online with friends. When I started getting my butt kicked 10 kills to 1 for eight games in a row I stopped playing.

    Now, it’s all about the sports and racing games.

  3. cfehnel Says:

    Oh yeah. That is the thing, I can usually hold my own with most first person shooters, like Quake, Unreal, Urban Terror, and the likes. However, this game I am just awful at.

    Give me NBA2K6 tho, and I will put a hurting on people.

  4. xcd vzvzxc Says:

    u suck get a fucking life

  5. redd Says:

    Damn!!!1 I suck at Halo 2 too. No I mean really suck. I’m really really bad. You won’t belive it but i play on easy and am getting creamed every time I play the Oracle. And the worst part is I love playing FPS’s.

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