AirTunes with Airport Express

November 26, 2005

I finally did it. After months of deliberation, talking, and put off, I finally got my apartment setup with AirTunes with Airport Express.

The first thing I had to get was a new stereo (which I wouldn’t recommend picking up on Black Friday) that had inputs to plug the stereo cables into. My old stereo wouldn’t do the trick and wouldn’t have sounded as good as this one anyway.

I had a couple of weird issues setting up AirTunes, though. First time through, it only let me use AirTunes if I was using my Airport Express for Ethernet as well. Then I deleted the Airport as a connection to the Internet (which didn’t work anyway). Once I did this, it would not find my Airport Express. I restarted a couple times and opened the setup assistant again and again, and one time it just worked, for some odd reason.

Oh well, at least it works now. I do have some weird issues with the music stopping for about two seconds, even when this computer isn’t doing anything. Has anyone else had this issue, and if so, what did you do to resolve it?


2 Responses to “AirTunes with Airport Express”

  1. Colin Devroe Says:


  2. Mike Says:

    I had an issue setting up a friends Airport Express as well. Seems that I forgot to go into the settings to set it up to read multiple base stations or something like that. Can’t rightly remember though, it’s been a while.

    Glad you got it working but unfortunately I have no ideas about the current problem you’re having.

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