Kevin is going home

March 9, 2006

Despite my love for Kevin, I think he has reached the end of the line on this year’s American Idol. I stuck up for him the last two weeks and was even shocked when he was in the bottom 3 last week. However, this week’s song was his worst yet, any song that starts with “Starry Starry Night”, and you know there is going to be problems.

Personally, I would love to see Bucky and Wil go home. I feel they are the least talented in the competition, but since neither were in the bottom three last week, it is a safe bet to say that Kevin is going home.

Does anyone else think that Simon has been spot on this season? I mean for the judges to say that Ace’s performance was without flaw is ridiculous. At one point the entire room of people I was with last night turned around and said “WTF” when one of his notes was really off. Simon was the only one with the balls to say he f-ed up, and I agreed with him 100%.


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