I hate people who use WordPress

April 13, 2006

As Colin mentioned I would be joining him in a WordPress meetup in Philadelphia, this Saturday at 2:00. However, I am not going because I want to meet anyone. I am going because of my bloodlust for all users of WordPress. I hate them all and can’t wait to start some fist fights.

Anyone who knows me probably realizes that this is all the truth. But I look forward to seeing anyone who can make it there. Who knows maybe you’ll end up beating me up. Should be a good time.


12 Responses to “I hate people who use WordPress”

  1. haha. Funny thing is. You will lose every fight.

  2. cfehnel Says:

    I never said I’d win.

  3. Mike Stickel Says:

    um, I agree with Colin.

  4. cfehnel Says:

    Well, actully maybe if we arm wrestled.

  5. cfehnel Says:

    Stickel, just because you watch hockey doesn’t mean you can fight. If you want to get into some fistacuffs, unthaw your ass and get down here, CHIEF!

  6. Mike Stickel Says:


    I don’t watch hockey, I watch lacrosse. In lacrosse they knock people out in their fights. Watch this video and you’ll see.

  7. Everyone thinks Lacrosse is Hockey.

  8. cfehnel Says:

    You like hockey too, dontcha?

  9. Mike Stickel Says:

    Hockey is ok but only during the final stages of the playoffs or when I get free tickets.

  10. Hilda Says:

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