I won on Blingo… Again

May 9, 2006

Thanks to Tubs, or should I say Tina, I won another Blingo movie ticket.

I have many many times on Blingo and I have wrote about a lot of them. I have won multiple movie tickets and an iPod Shuffle (I actually took the $100 gift card).

If you think it is a joke sign up under my name. I am good luck. If you think I’m lying this is a listing of prizes I have won since using Blingo.

  • Blingo Movie Ticket – 5/8/06
  • Blingo Movie Ticket – 9/13/06
  • Apple iPod Shuffle – 8/28/05
  • Blingo Movie Ticket – 8/17/05
  • Blingo Movie Ticket – 7/19/05
  • Blingo Movie Ticket – 7/13/05

3 Responses to “I won on Blingo… Again”

  1. They do the ipod video every 2 minutes thing now too. Crazy.

  2. Mike Stickel Says:

    Damn location restrictions. I’d be signed up if they would let Canadians participate.

  3. Alan Says:

    Yeah, I second that location thing! I saw Blingo ages ago and wanted to have a play with it but living in the uk is a no go area too 😦

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