Week 8/9/10 weigh-ins

August 9, 2006

Original Weight: 229
Week 1 Of Diet: 227
Week 2 Of Diet: 225
Week 3 Of Diet: 223
Week 4 Of Diet: 221
Week 5 Of Diet: 223
Week 6 Of Diet: 223
Week 7 Of Diet: 218
Week 8/9/10 of Diet: 218

Total Weight Loss: 11 pounds in 10 weeks

So I’ve pretty much stayed pat. I’m pretty pleased with that. I have been eating pretty much what I want without gaining any unnecessary weight.

No matter what I seem to do I always seem to run into roadblocks that halt any progress that could be made. The gym still hasn’t happened, but when it does, I promise you that you will see some results. I’ve done it before, so I have no doubts I can accomplish gaining some muslce and getting more toned.

Regardless, I’ll post a results picture from Week 1 to Week 10. Check back for that if you don’t cherish your eyes. If you do, then take this as a warning not to come back to view that.


One Response to “Week 8/9/10 weigh-ins”

  1. Nice nice. Keep it up and you’ll be jumping that table in no time.

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