Weigh Ins for the last couple weeks

September 6, 2006

Okay, so I have been very lax with my weigh-ins the last couples of weeks. I don’t have a great excuse, but I do have a few reasons I withheld my weigh-ins. First off, the scale I originally weighed in on is now completely out of whack.

When I weighed in the last time on a normal scale that seems pretty reliable, I was at 213. So, that is what I’m going to stick with for now. I plan on getting a scale asap and try to have a fresh start.

My cirumstances haven’t been great for dieting, going to the gym, or anything else that requires a lot of effort. I know I’ve probably said this 100 times already, and I’m sure everyone is sick of hearing it, but it’s the truth. That doesn’t mean I don’t think it will turn around pretty soon.


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