5 dieting questions answered

December 13, 2006

Colin asked me to complete five questions for the diet, so here goes.

What are the top five reasons you started to diet in the first place?

My first diet, I had gained almost 90 pounds in a single winter and was up to 260. I just got sick of myself becoming something that I never was. When I saw myself in pictures it was painful to see. I was being extremely lazy and needed a kick in the butt. So that’s what I did. My main problem is that I go to extremes with things and I did it for too long a time. I got down to about upper 170’s again and then realized I was going a little too nuts, and then got back up around 200 while exercising, so it was good weight. Then I got a little under the weather and got up to around 220.

That leads me to this diet. The reason I started this diet was just that I wanted to get more fit. It was also because it was our idea to have a competition that kind of evolved into the diet, so I was motivated by that as well. I didn’t want to lose a lot of per sé, but I did want to be healthier and lose the excess fat and replace it with some muscle.

What was your biggest failure on the diet, and how did you overcome it?

My main failure is getting into slumps, which has been more disappointing this time around because I never really got into slumps on my last diet. I was pretty gung ho the entire time. I’ve had ups and downs when I haven’t been feeling well, and for me my biggest failure is not being able to bounce back and get into the flow of things as quickly as I should.

Did blogging help or hinder your success?

For me personally, blogging wasn’t a huge factor for me. If I was having great success, it would be nice to be able to motivate other people. But personally, when no one knows, or I should say thinks, I’m going to do something then I do better at it. When people don’t think I am able to do something I am more motivated pretty much just to spite them. When someone says I can do something and encourages me, it is all good, and it doesn’t stop me from doing what I’m planning on doing, but it doesn’t really get me super fired up.

What things did you do to help ensure your success?

Getting the membership to the gym was my major thing. It forces me to go especially when I’m committed for an entire year. If I don’t go it’s wasting money and it’s me not using something that could be a great help to me. So that motivates me a lot.

What is one recommendation you’d have for someone on Day 1 of their diet?

Don’t go to extremes to lose the weight and realize that stuff doesn’t happen right away. If you don’t see pounds falling off right away, that doesn’t mean you haven’t accomplished anything.


11 Responses to “5 dieting questions answered”

  1. Excellent! Thanks for answering these. I figured you’d have a much different perspective on things than James and I, and I was right.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. […] Update: James answered, Chris answered, Scott answered, and Eliza answered. Thanks everyone! If anyone else wants to answer these questions too, I’d love to read the answers. […]

  3. Diyet Says:

    Hello ,
    I have a Turkish diet blog..And I will translate it to Turkish and use in the diet experiences part 🙂

    Good article ..Thank you …

  4. navtej kohli Says:

    I was searching for this kind of a blog for months now. Actually lost the hope of finding one, but here I am 🙂 Thanks for the great article! Looking forward for a little read after dinner 🙂

  5. diyetler Says:

    It is a nice article.And I found it useful.Thank you a lot.

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