Gifts that rock

April 27, 2006

Big ol’ thanks to Eliza for this awesome present that is one of the best and creative gifts I have ever received. It’s a hand-made movie special concoction of goodies and a classic movie I have been really really wanting to see but haven’t had the chance to, Taxi Driver. All the goodies are held within a movie-style tub of popcorn. And then a get well card, with the additional signatures of two feline friends, Pooks and Picks.

As I have written before, I had sinus surgery this past Thursday which requires me to stay at home and basically do nothing besides work (sitting on my laptop) and watching TV for at least 10 days. This doesn’t sound like much fun, but luckily I have friends like Eilza and Colin who have been very gracious about making my time enjoyable.

They lent me the first season of LOST so I can watch an episode now and then whenever I need to take a rest from working. In the past I have blasted LOST basically because I didn’t get a chance to watch it. From watching a good portion of episodes I have come to realize why the show is such a huge phenenom.

Now I have goodies to go along with my movie/TV show watching. Not only the goodies in the gift basket, but I have also received hand cook meals (from master chef Colin), donuts, coffee, freeze pops (one of my favorite things ever), and probably something else that I am apologetically missing, all from my good friends, Colin and Eliza.

With friends like that you can’t go wrong. I’m truly grateful and hopefully I’ll be able to make it up to you when I’m all healed up.


I was shocked that Kevin made it through. I thought he had sealed his “plane ticket home”, as Simon loves to say. I wasn’t that shocked by that, but I never would have thought Gedeon was going home, because I thought his performance was great.

When I saw Gedeon was going up against Bucky, I thought for sure that Bucky would be going home. I thought that Bucky could have the middle american country vote, but I thought he would still be going home. I was wrong.

Then I knew that Ayla was going to be in the bottom three, it wasn’t even a question. But, I never thought that Melissa would stay over her. I thought Melissa was horrible, and I thought Ayla performed strong enough on her other performances to make up for her lackluster performance of a subpar pop song. She seemed just as shocked as I was when it was announced that Melissa was in the top 12. Her tears were evidence of that, it seemed she was not at all prepared for it.

Oh well, at least Kevin still has another shot to show that he has talent. Hopefully he learned from his debacle of a song this week that he needs to pick a better song, even if he is going to stick with ballads.

The other two were no surprises, Wil and Kinnick were on their way out and everybody knew it.

Kevin is going home

March 9, 2006

Despite my love for Kevin, I think he has reached the end of the line on this year’s American Idol. I stuck up for him the last two weeks and was even shocked when he was in the bottom 3 last week. However, this week’s song was his worst yet, any song that starts with “Starry Starry Night”, and you know there is going to be problems.

Personally, I would love to see Bucky and Wil go home. I feel they are the least talented in the competition, but since neither were in the bottom three last week, it is a safe bet to say that Kevin is going home.

Does anyone else think that Simon has been spot on this season? I mean for the judges to say that Ace’s performance was without flaw is ridiculous. At one point the entire room of people I was with last night turned around and said “WTF” when one of his notes was really off. Simon was the only one with the balls to say he f-ed up, and I agreed with him 100%.