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Before, even when I was going to the gym and running a lot, I hated doing abs. But now, they have sort have become an addiction for me. I really like doing them, even when I’m done with my program for the day, I find myself doing more. I’ve been alternating between two ab workouts.

One is the cheesey 8 minute abs that you used to see on TV all the time and my abs feel like they were worked pretty good my first time doing those. You can see the video here if you are interested, but if you can’t take the horrible 70’s porn music you may just want to read a description. It’s basically this:

All sets are 45 seconds worth and each exercise has 1 set. These are done in one continuous amount of time. If you need to see an example of the exercises you can see how they do them in the video linked to above:

  • crunches
  • rt. oblique crunch
  • lt. oblique crunch
  • toe touches
  • reverse crunch
  • rt. side crunch
  • lt. side crunch
  • push throughs
  • leg pushes
  • alternating curls
  • curls

The other workout I alternate with is the following, again done in one continuous amount of time:

  • 50 crunches
  • 25 russian twists – sit up with your butt on the ground, lift your legs about a foot off the ground, keep them up while you twist your torsoe, so you touch your hands to the ground on alternating sides of you body. These will seriously hurt if you’ve never done them before.
  • 25 straight leg raises
  • 50 more crunches
  • 25 toe touches – basically a leg raise while trying to touch your toes with your hands
  • 30 lifted leg crunches – touch your knees to your chest and do a curl
  • 25 scissors – basically the same thing as an alternating curl
  • 50 more crunches

Both these seem to be working relatively well. However, if anyone else has ab workouts that they swear by please post them in the comments or a link to where you can find them.

There are many different theories on how often you should do abs, and I’m not going to go into all them, because personally I don’t know what the absolute best way to do them. I’ve heard 20 different ways and everybody swears their way is the right way, so basically you’ll need to figure out what you think is best for you.

Other than that, hopefully the diet is going well for you all, and keep up the good work. I couldn’t recommend a gym membership enough, though, especially since the winter months are pretty hard on us all.

Week 21 Weigh-In

October 24, 2006

Original Weight: 229
Week 1 Of Diet: 227
Week 2 Of Diet: 225
Week 3 Of Diet: 223
Week 4 Of Diet: 221
Week 5 Of Diet: 223
Week 6 Of Diet: 223
Week 7 Of Diet: 218
Week 8/9/10 of Diet: 218
Week 19/20 of Diet: 222
Week 21 of Diet: 223

This has been a good week for me. I have been going to the gym pretty steadily for about 3 weeks now, and I’m definitely seeing a marked improvment in gains, while not so much in the actual visible department.

However, I did gain a pound, which is a good thing, because my diet has been pretty steadily good, besides on the weekends, when I partake in more beer than I probably should. However, it is light beer and I’m sure I run that off during the week.

So keep up the dieting. It’s been a long time since a lot of began, and some of us need some refreshment. Trying something completely different can bring something new to it, so if you feel like you are in a malaise when it comes to do your diet, do some different to make it new and exciting for you.

Weigh-in Week 19

October 12, 2006

Original Weight: 229
Week 1 Of Diet: 227
Week 2 Of Diet: 225
Week 3 Of Diet: 223
Week 4 Of Diet: 221
Week 5 Of Diet: 223
Week 6 Of Diet: 223
Week 7 Of Diet: 218
Week 8/9/10 of Diet: 218
Week 19 of Diet: 222
Total Weight Loss: 7 pounds in 19 weeks

Wow, it’s been this long since a weigh-in. I just haven’t been keeping up with the weekly weigh-ins. I have been weighing myself in the previous 9 weeks, at one point being as low as 213.

Now that I got my gym membership, I’ve been trying to eat a lot more so I can gain some muscle, so I’m actually quite pleased with that. I have been going to about 3 times a week for the last two weeks, this week being my third.

Everyone stay healthy.

I finally bit the bullet and did it. I finally got a gym membership, which is going to force me to get in shape. Not some nancy pansy gym membership either. No no, a year membership. I’m in it for the long haul. I’m committed. I’m determined.

It was the one thing that was holding me back from getting into shape. I don’t really need to run much more or lose much more weight. This was the bigun’ and now it’s done. Next up is a scale to report my progress. I want to come up with some other way to track my progress, because in all likeihood I’ll be gaining weight. Maybe a measurement or maybe just a before and after picture would be suffish.

I don’t really want to get huge, but I just want to be able to scare people if I have to. I have short man’s complex even though I’m 6’5″. I don’t really belive that, but it is fun to be able to beat someone up if you so desire, and I desire it often. Again, another lie, but one of these days it may be true, and I’ll have the resources to be prepared when my epic battle for survival takes place.

Stickel in da house

September 6, 2006

So Michael Q. Stickel finally made it, and the first impressions are in – he’s definitely gay. Wait, I mean not gay. Damn, first impressions are tricky.

It was cool to meet the man, the myth, and the legend in person. Now it’s time to let the geekery and dieting begin. Welcome to the States, Stickel.

Okay, so I have been very lax with my weigh-ins the last couples of weeks. I don’t have a great excuse, but I do have a few reasons I withheld my weigh-ins. First off, the scale I originally weighed in on is now completely out of whack.

When I weighed in the last time on a normal scale that seems pretty reliable, I was at 213. So, that is what I’m going to stick with for now. I plan on getting a scale asap and try to have a fresh start.

My cirumstances haven’t been great for dieting, going to the gym, or anything else that requires a lot of effort. I know I’ve probably said this 100 times already, and I’m sure everyone is sick of hearing it, but it’s the truth. That doesn’t mean I don’t think it will turn around pretty soon.